Written short communication can challenge you

Nowadays, if you do a lot of remote collaboration, written short messages is something we face more and more.

When this is the channel, it is very easy to miss the context and of course all the nuances you have in the voice or facial expression and in many cases even if the sender wrote that message in a rush or not.

It is becoming more common in teams, so it could be something we as Coaches need to take more into account and see how to improve in context, content, timing and much more for our teams.

Even myself, I confess, is something I need to work on using better to avoid misunderstandings or improve effectiveness. Anyway, in most cases, as much as possible my advice is still ... have a video call and spend five minutes of your time as soon as you feel a message can create some confusion. Nothing is still able to substitute direct human face to face communication.

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