Hi, Scrum Master! Do you have a second?

If you have experience as a Scrum Master, you have probably heard something like this many times, right?:

Do you have a second? Do you have time? Can I talk to you? Do you think we can talk today?

And my question would be: Do you actually have it?

If you are over committing as a Scrum Master to work with too many teams, if you have so many meetings that you canĀ“t stop and talk with someone who is stuck ... at the end, if you don't have time to be there when something unplanned happens, you are in trouble. And what is worse: your teams can be in trouble.

I have a sentence I say many times:

As a Scrum Master, if your whole agenda is always complete, you are screwed.

You need to be able to skip something, save time for a problem if it just pops up, listen to someone who really needs your help or (guess what?) be an impediment remover. A real one, not the one that is just jumping from one event to the next one.

Plan your days wisely, but be prepared to change a lot of it if is really needed.

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