Know the people behind the roles

Whatever brought you to the thousands of combination of circumstances you are currently living did actually put you within a team. A rich, even you don’t see it now, the number of possibilities can open in front of you all just getting to know each other.

They are, like any other, a unique combination of individuals with a unique potential that only this specific combination can accomplish. And this is not only based on their skills but also about human interaction.

The success of a team and how painful their path will be will have a big dependency on how deeply they get to know each individual on the team. It is not necessarily about talking about intimate matters. More about understanding, deeply and from the bottom of your heart, that behind each role there is a human being with specific strengths, skills, goal, fears and circumstances.

Understanding all of them will you the understanding also of the very subtle but vital and usually overlooked net that interlaces all the members of a team.
Feel grateful for the team you currently have, even with all the defects and even toxic individual, because this specific combination of possibilities and wisdom is something you will never be able to have again.

Does this mean not working on improving the team, just accepting any toxic behaviour without action or some kind of naive “happy flower” approach to team culture? Of course not. This would be childish and some people understand when you talk about this or happiness at work. It is not about conformism, but about understanding all the nuances, circumstances and riches that you are not currently seeing behind each colleague.

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