Focus on what is needed to be built now

Today, I must say, I was in a very interesting and productive conversation.

A Product Owner and a whole Development Team discussing about what is needed to be built now and removing, for the next Sprint, everything they both think is just accessory. In theory might sound obvious, in practice I can tell you it is not so obvious.

I see this open conversation as a sign of maturity on both roles. Because it is not just a matter of if we want to do it or not, if it is more or less difficult for us. It is a conversation about the scope, about the things the product needs or not in this phase of the development.

When we work with Scrum, we focus on what will provide more value now.

I can tell you that I felt very proud of them when I saw that.

Sometimes, in small details, you can observe signals of the path we are walking together.

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