Agile practices in a family environment

It turns out that by digging a bit, I found a TED talk that explains how some families use certain concepts and adaptations of Scrum events (and other Agile ideas) to manage their family environment and their children’s education.

As a whole I would say the idea makes sense and probably many agile practitioners  tend to extend what they know that works to other areas of their lives. At the end it would be about working on small milestones, making continuous inspection and adaptation and developing responsibility for tasks.

Some people can think that using this in a family environment is something too rigid, but I don’t think so.

The talks is not one hundred percent accurate, true, but for someone out of the field I think it is sufficiently well explained. I myself can adapt some dynamics and learning from my experience as a Scrum Master to my family life.

If I finally try it, I’ll tell you in this blog, of course.

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