There is a book about that

I love connecting with people. If you know me, you already know that.

But I also like connecting people with other people that can help them. Or people with tools that I know. Or books. I actually love connecting people with books.

I know, reading a whole book is a big effort in time for just getting ideas about a specific concept. Anyway I think that if the book is good and can really help you with your problem, clarify your ideas or have a better understanding about something it is worthy. A good book can absolutely change your whole vision around a concept or the way you approach a specific topic.

Basically because when you read a good book you should forget about the format or the time you are investing. You are getting access to the effort and outcome of a person who has already faced the concept, dealt with it and invested a lot of time and distilling probably year of experience in a structured way for you.

Never hesitate to share with someone the idea of reading a book you have read if you think is really connected with what they need. And specially, do it even if the book is not technically related but you think it can open the other person’s mind mind in a particular way.

In changing environments is very important to understand that we can find tools to deals with situations in places or contexts that are far from what are expecting. This way you can even, in some cases, be more effective because you were able to help with a tool, idea, technique or approach that people did see come.


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