Every challenge is a Rubik’s Cube

Do you know who Ernő Rubik is?

He is the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, yes.

Ernő didn’t invent it as a puzzle, but as a teaching tool. To teach and learn himself.

In the same way, I see every challenge we face at work, with our team or as a company is both a chance to learn and teach. There are thousands of ways to look at it. Many ways to solve it.

I think we as coaches must look at every challenging situation, no matter what it is, like we look at a Rubik’s Cube. Not just as a puzzle but as an opportunity to go even deeper.

As Ernő says himself:

There is always a way for a solution. There is always a way to find something else, something new, something different or find the result of your work. If today is not everything is good, it doesn’t mean tomorrow cannot be better.

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