Habits and unforeseen

Creating good habits can be challenging.

We imagine a plan with some objectives, well designed steps and a scenario in which if we meet each day, we will reach the goal.

But thousands of things can happen along the way. One day an emergency may arise, another may simply your children have part of the night awake or maybe you are too tired to continue that day. And what is almost certain is that laziness will appear.

Willpower does not exist , there is the decision and consistency.

Many people think, a an example, that if they find themselves distracted while meditating, they are doing it wrong, but that is not the case. It is the exercise of realizing and returning attention to the task that matters. With habits it is the same. Make that day all you can, forget the guilty conscience and above all return to the next day’s load. Failing is not a problem, just an accident or circumstance you can decide not to repeat.

There are no shortcuts or magic formulas. Only one step after another to get from point A to point B.

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