Please honour your craft

As part of a Scrum Team, no matter which of the three roles you play, you are responsible for a very important part of what the whole team does. You have the expertise on that area. If you are part of the Team, it is important to understand which is your role in it and what is all you need to achieve that part.

Please honour what you do.

If you are part of the Development Team, always keep an eye on providing your team with carefully written code, well curated design … whatever applies to your work in the Team.

As a Product Owner, make sure that you help the Development Team understand the business needs, keep a carefully curated Backlog, please take of your interaction with the Stakeholders …

In the role of a Scrum Master, understand which is your position in the Scrum Team and which one is not, never stop learning because your team will need it, make sure that you don’t only work with the Development Team or even the Scrum Team, remember that the team needs you to work all across the organisation …

Those and thousands of other things. Yes, I said thousands but I could say millions. Because the amount of things to learn and improve, the depth of your job and it’s implications, the techniques that you can bring from areas you don’t even think about yet … are basically unattainable. Please honour that. Treat what you do as a craft because this is what it is, a path that we could be walking for a whole life if we really look deeply on every step we make through this path.

So yes it matters, actually a lot, the amount of love and respect you invest on becoming better on the nuances of what you do and the way you do it as a team member. Martial artists understand this point very well. Even the master, after decades, is still a student. A practitioner.


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