Agile dogfooding

As a Scrum Master / Agile Coach… are you eating our own dog food?

This is something that I like to think about often. Are you applying to yourself and your colleagues what you say to the teams you coach?

Are you becoming better on decision making? Are you constantly improving? Do you review how you prioritise what you do? Do you get feedback from your “customers”? How much do you rely on the Agile values and principles for your daily decisions? …

For me this is important for many reasons:

  • You feel the pain of others and see if things really work the way you say they work
  • Provides (if you can do it with your colleagues) a safe environment to practice and test new techniques, approaches and so with a lower risk
  • Makes you reflect on your own speech and see how much are you leaving the values and principles of Agile

I can think on many more reasons, but for me those three are more than enough to check it from time to time (often). It will you make better on what you do, more honest and a walking example. It is worth it.

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