… and just listening is not enough

I wrote about what a powerful tool listening is in many cases. At the same time, many times, just listening is not enough.

I hope we don’t forget that when we are working as Scrum Masters, our job is doing many things more than just being there and listening. Remove impediments, train the team in Agile topics, foster transparency, improve communication and many other things.

We have to be careful how people understand the term “Coach” when we talk about Agile Coaches or coaching a team. We are supposed to be working as a sports coach for the team. We are not psychologists. Coaching tools, psychology tools, and many others are just a part of the thousands of tools we can bring to our daily job to help teams improve and become great. But please, always keep in mind that we are not there just to make everyone feel happy. We work helping teams and companies improve, not just feeling well. Both things don’t always walk hand in hand in every step of the path.

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