Scrum requires courage

Courage  is one of the Scrum values ​​. And one that often passes half over.

When you are professional and you really work in a committed way to achieve an objective you need courage.

It is necessary because you have to be prepared to do what is necessary. You have to be brave to have serious conversations, for example with stakeholders, and be willing to express difficulties or say no to some things.

Also to be willing to change and to be sincere and transparent with teammates. But really, in the way that sometimes costs or creates doubts but that if it is done, it completely changes a team.

It takes courage to have a Product Owner work to earn his place and authority before the company.

It takes courage for a Development Team to speak openly and maturely with their Product Owner about what they are needing and not having on their part.

You have to have it to be a Scrum Master and have conversations that are necessary even knowing that they will not like it and that we are exposing ourselves.

It takes that courage to get to work on new things without fear and overcome the anxiety. To not stay in the “I never did” or in the “we will not be able”.

Grow and change hurt sometimes. To become more professional is to grow. And this, for me, is a very important part of what Scrum is about.


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